Mildred’s Lane: Radical Pedagogy; Wholeschooling. 

Offside Effect: The First Tbilisi Triennial. Curators Wato Tsereteli, Henk Slager. (Catalog) Center of Contemporary Art. Tbilisi , Republic of Georgia.

Also at MoMA, for MoMA Studio: Common Senses; and,

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague. Cartographies Of Hope: Change Narratives Exhibition and Conferences. Center for Global Studies, Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.  Curator, Jaraslov Andel. (Catalog) 2013.

Mildred’s Lane Wholeschooling Project

Nomadic and variable

Mixed media


For MoMA Studio; Wholeschooling was a project that erupted out of Mildred’s Lane and the Mildred Complex(ity); it has many layers, some of which reach back into my own ( J. Morgan Puett) personal history. But more, it was a project addressing women’s work in the 21st century and response to MoMA’s Century of the Child exhibition. There are still omnipresent prejudices and conundrums in living and working as both a mother and an artist. I have found that the last several years, as my son, Grey Rabbit Puett, gets older (b.2000), there are more demands to address his needs, which are importantly, to make sure that he learns how to care for himself, to care for others, and most of all care for the environment. It is a project that transports the tasks in the ethics of comportment into the realm of educating my own child. I installed provisional Mildred’s Lane camps in each location we visited going around the world, offering creative domesticating experiences and events in exchange for lessons. This took form as a conversation on workstyles, rearranging a home, sewing, mending, a picnic, cooking or other, in exchange for a public lesson for my child, Grey Rabbit Puett (b. 2000).