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Town Friday - Amy Yoes & Paul Bartow

Town Friday | June 19, 2015
The Mildred Complex(ity) Project Space
Open special hours from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
FULL CIRCLE: Prequel to Fire #4
Amy Yoes and Paul Bartow
with fellows of AMOUR DE LA MORT

Stop by the Complex(ity) Project Space from 5 - 7 p.m. this Friday to experience the exhibition titled Full Circle: Prequel to Fire #4 developed by artists Amy Yoes and Paul Bartow, in collaboration with Amour de la Mort fellows. The exhibition features photographs of past fire projects created by Yoes and Bartow at Mildred’s Lane. Yoes and Bartow will be onsite at the Project Space to discuss their collaborative process and the histories that inform their conception and development of the Fire projects. Full Circlefeatures drawings produced by MORT fellows using charcoal sourced from pastFire spectacles, gravestone rubbings made in the local cemetery, as well as funerary jewelry created by MORT fellows in a session workshop lead by Rebecca Purcell.

Please click here for directions to the Complex(ity) Project Space

2015 Amour de la Mort Fellows

Gary Graham, Independent/New York City
Gary Lee Cordray, SUNY New Paltz
Michael Ramirez, University of Arkansas
Emily Popp, Independent/School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Cesar Valdes-Roserio, FLORA Ars/Natura, Colombia
Carli Holcomb, Virginia Commonwealth University


Amy Yoes was born in 1959 and grew up in Houston, Texas. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has lived in Chicago, San Francisco and, since 1998, in New York.
She works in a multi-faceted way, alternately employing installation, photography, video, painting, and sculpture. An interest in decorative language and architectural space permeates all of her work. She responds to formal topologies of ornament and style that have reverberated through time, informing our mutually constructed visual and cultural memory.
Her work has been seen in many venues, including the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.; Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA; the Carpenter Center for the Arts, Cambridge, MA; the Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas; and the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio.
She has held residences at the Maison Dora Maar, Ménerbes, France; AIR, Krems, Austria; McDowell, Peterborough, NH; and Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY; and The British Academy at Rome, Italy. She has been a visiting artist at many institutions, including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Las Vegas Nevada, Maryland Institute College of Art, and the Siena Art Institute, in Italy.

Paul Bartow was born in 1964. He holds an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and works collaboratively under the moniker Bartow+Collaborator. B+C focuses its interest on human and nonhuman entanglements, which can be thought of as interwoven systems involving history, culture, nonhuman agents, material interactions, and time. B+C’s work spans the fields of geology, microbiology, geography, film, and architecture. Experimental drawing practices have been a constant in Bartow’s body of work. More recently, forces of the natural world (liberally speaking) have been incorporated as a medium for image making - to become, specifically, nonhuman drawing. While the outcome is often abstract, the process is quite literal and direct.
A recent project by B+C will involve a three-year investigation of the Erie Canal on a vessel called Terrakwa, designed and built as a research platform. The vessel will be used to explore the history, geography, biology, and culture of the Canal across upstate New York from Albany to Buffalo. His work can be found at
Bartow lives with his wife Martha Hawksworth, a veterinarian, in Watkins Glen, NY. He works both in Watkins Glen and Austin, TX.