The Curse of Bigness. Curator, Larissa Harris. (Catalog) Queens Museum of Fine Art. NYC.


Installation view

Dimensions variable

Mixed media


Installation view at the Queens Museum of Fine Art. for the exhibition, ‘The Curse of Bigness.’ Curator: Larissa Harris. (Catalog.) It remains an ongoing research-experiment in design and manufacturing. Here, a small shining laboratory emerges amidst the traumatic ruins of urban clothing industry. The project, importantly, is not merely reducible to a critique of industry that is implicated in the environmental disasters of past centuries; rather, HumanUfactorY is part of an ongoing discourse amongst cultural practitioners interconnected to a series of think tank called R.21c (Retail 21st century) convening at Mildred’s Lane, about the future of exchange in a changing Art industry. In all of these projects, algorithms are employed to create emergent methodologies, to prevent predetermining what something looks like, or which community, market or consumer it speaks to; all counter productive to a truly democratic and social exchange. This studio investigates the everyday mediators primarily through architectural and pattern drafting systems in order to devise a new clothing apparatuses. The threads of this research and design are part of new projects emerging as the upcoming Department of Interstitchiaries.