{ of,   with,  as,  for,  them,  and,  it }                                   

Alexander Gray Associates. NYC: Preface to HumanUfactory Project for the Queens Museum of Fine Art. NYC

{of,with,as,for,them,and it}

Dimensions variable

Mixed media


A performative preamble to the HumanUfactorY Project. This was an installation in Alexander Gray Associates Gallery in Chelsea, a solo show in 2010. The gallery as my office, studio, think tank, and social space where invitations were sent out to various friends and colleagues to meet with them individually for conversation. Surrounded by the supplies of a bespoke tailor and sitting on an oversized sewing machine. The participants were either in my life at the moment, or I had professional dealings with; acting out my role at Mildred’s Lane as Ambassador of Entanglement. I took measurements via a questionnaire rather than a measuring tape for bespoke garb. Then charting the data on historical linens on the walls, that is part of creating an algorithm for a set of clothing apparatuses; and now ongoing experimental engagements that will emerge through the Department of Interstitchiaries.