The Big Island Bees Museum

Architectural, sculptural Design and Installation. Big Island Bees, Kealakekua, Hawaii. Press:http://www.createinhawaii.com/big-island-bees/

The Honey Bee Museum

Mixed media 30’ X 40’ 2013

Installation view of The Big Island Bee Museum and Store Project layered with history, biology, botany, entomology, economy, sociology, and ecology and most importantly love, culminating in a scorched and beeswax drenched interior installation that includes the story of the bee and four generations of the Puett family business. A commission for Family owned Big Island Bees and Captain Cook Honey industrial building looming above Kealakekua Bay in Hawaii, the big island. You can order our honey from the Mildred Complex(ity) Store –  a Guide to the FIELD.