The mildred Complexity

Summer 2017

Photo: Phil Mansfield

Photo: Phil Mansfield

Mildred’s Lane is a 94-acre, wildish site deep in the woods of rural northeastern Pennsylvania on the border of New York State. It is an ongoing collaborative involvement with my fellow artist and friend, Mark Dion, our son Grey Rabbit Puett, along with our socially engaged friends and colleagues from around the world who convene there. We are coevolving new pedagogical strategies by practicing a generous and rigorous engagement with every aspect of life. It is a working-living-researching experiment centered on domesticity. The entire home and site has become a living museum, or rather -- a new contemporary art complex(ity). 

Importantly, it is about people. I call myself an Ambassador of Entanglement to pull apart traditional leading roles in such an endeavor and in order to more democratically respond to and participate in the experimental events that are ongoing at Mildred’s Lane. 

Those who become involved with Mildred’s Lane embrace every aspect of our collective existence through rethinking new modes of being in the world –- evoking a creative, social, and political entanglement that provokes investigations into: 1) our relations to people and to the environment, 2) systems of labor, 3) forms of dwelling, 4) clothing apparatuses, and importantly, 5) inventive domesticating -- all of which compose an ethics of comportment. Here we embrace this working-living-researching-making strategy we call workstyles. Being is the practice.


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Mildred’s Lane thanks the individuals that donate; we thank the institutions for their continuing support sending fellows to sessions; and most of all, thanks to our friends that have supported their time, energy, wit and wot to this project:

 Sending Institutions have included  

University of Minnesota Department of Art, Minneapolis

Royal Collage of Art, The Curatorial Study Program, UK

Columbia University Graduate School of Fine Art, NYC

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

Portland State University Department of Art, Oregon

FLORA Ars+Natura, Bogota, Colombia, South America

Cumbria University, Cumbria Institute of Art, UK

Parsons The New School for Design, New York City

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston

Arizona State University School of Art, Phoenix

University of Hartford, The Hartford Art School

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

University of Arkansas Department of Art

Columbus College of Art and Design, Ohio

School of Visual Arts, New York City

Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

Kingston University Fine Arts, UK

SUNY New Paltz

And many others

University of Tennesse

HEAD, Geneva, Switzerland

Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh

Brown University Dept. of Social Humanities, Providence


Recent Mildred’s Lane Exhibitions and Venues

Handwerker Gallery, University of Ithaca, NY 2015

SAIC Sullivan Galleries, Chicago 2014

University of Utah Warnock Residency, Salt Lake City 2014

DOX Contemporary Museum of Prague 2013

Museum of Modern Art, MoMA Studio, New York City 2012

1st Tblisi Triennial, Contemporary Art Center, Republic of Georgia 2012

Tufts University Aidekman Art Center, Boston 2010

Cabinet Magazine, New York City 2009

Slought Foundation, Philadelphia 2009

Alexander Gray Associates, New York City 2008


Thank you for Remarkable Contributions

Paul Bartow, Jorge Colombo, Moyra Davey, Dillon de Give, Mark Dion, Joanna Epstein, Harrell Fletcher, Hope Ginsburg, Pablo Helguera, Brian Holmes, Mary Jane Jacob, Jeffrey Jenkins, Natalie Jeremijenko, Leon Johnson, Gavin Kroeber, Fabienne Leclerc, Sharon and Amos Lombard-Miller, Claire Pentecost, Barry, Puett, Garnett Puett, J. Morgan Puett, Grey Rabbit Puett, Rebecca Purcell, Joel Ronning, Hilmar Shafer, Jason Simon, Mark Thomann, Rebecca Uchill, Natalie Wilkin, Robert Williams, Caroline Woolard, Amy Yoes, just to mention a few…  

 Creative practitioners involved in the 2016 sessions

Paul Bartow / David Brooks / Christine Buckley/ D. Graham Burnett / Jorge Colombo / Mark Dion / Jeff Dolven / Juliet Dunn / Gary Graham/ Mariana Gutierrez / Pablo Helguera / Jeffrey Jenkins /  Cameron Klavsen / Athena Kokoronis /  Isobel R. Lister / Megan O’Connell/ Claire Pentecost / Rebecca Purcell / J. Morgan Puett / Jack Ramunni / Sal Randolph / Hilmar Schäfer/Gina Siepel/ Jaquel Theis / Mark Thomann/ Robert Williams/ Caroline Woolard / and others to be announced very soon.