Cottage Industry:

Bodice Pattern and Interstitchiaries Floorplan

Dimensions and sizes variable

Graphite on paper

2002 to present and future

This Jorge Colombo photo captures the core pattern  created for Cottage Industry, Spoleto USA 2002; for the Charleston exhibition, Evoking Histories: Memory Of Water, Curator: Mary Jane Jacob. This illustrates how my projects are part of interconnected threads of ideas, each morphing into another in the form of research, clothing, dwellings, environments, installation(s). Ultimately and emergently becoming one of multiple building blocks. My entire body of work is made up of critical intersections concerning concepts of exchange, where one idea or thing is transferred to another causing transformations in thinking, feeling, and understanding –shared experiences. This one pattern symbolizes an intersection, conceptually and physically. It hangs here in the atelier where the Department of Interstitchiaries is staged to emerge. There are several iterations yet to be developed in upcoming projects.